Monday, July 21, 2014

COEs revisited

I was kindly reminded following my last posting on COEs that many European locales would be inaccessible without COEs, due to tight turnings and small spaces in many countries. That would not likely be a reason to use COEs in Canada except perhaps in some very specific cases.
So it was interesting to see this pair yesterday in northern New Brunswick: 

Running for the Packers Logistics Solutions division of Mid West Coast Canada Inc, of Stoney Creek, ON, this pair of well armoured (against moose) COEs are hauling temperature controlled goods (likely meat or produce).
Neither truck appears to be a recently delivered cab kit. But they are well maintained, possibly rebuilt, older units. Judging by the fleet numbers 721 and 723, there is likely at least a third one out there somewhere. Since Packers runs coast to across Canada and the US, it may be anywhere.
The brutal Magnum moose bars on the front don't improve the looks, and appear to block at least some of the headlight spread, but New Brunswick is moose country, so they are likely a wise investment.
Not many miles away I spotted a Kenworth COE, heading northbound - no photo was possible.


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