Friday, July 4, 2014

German Coaches

My little trip to Germany a few weeks ago gave a few opportunities to check out local buses and coaches. As usual, there were many brands and types.

Ubiquitous M.A.N. open top tour buses are everywhere in Europe. This one had its tent roof rolled forward. When extended over the seats, it does not allow standing room!

A pair of Neoplans, although they appear to be the same model, look quite different when painted in company colours.

 Big Volvo with air lift axle. The grill looks like if comes from a Volvo car.

There are lots of Mercedes coaches on the road in Germany of course. Most had lowering capability, with the whole front end lowering and raising by air control. The drivers position had some 'wood' trim, but was otherwise pretty business-like.

This rig boats a Bistro on the ground floor. Upstairs, it is aircraft type seating.
Another one with refreshment facilities. The potential of 15 pedaling beer drinkers (not on aircraft seats), would give it some speed, but then how would the bar tender find time to steer? The steering wheel is forward between the two A-pillars supporting the roof.


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