Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ramp Star chassis and Almac Tank

I found some newish looking aircraft re-fuelers at the Halifax Airport today. The cab/chassis/ including engine and drive train is from Ramp Star, a Miami based outfit called Engine and Accessory Inc.: that has been producing specialized aviation refueling and ground support equipment since 1950. The trucks come with various cab configurations, front or rear engines, and hydraulic drives.
This pair mount appear to be equipped with elevating platforms and fueling gear from Almac International Inc of Lanoraie, Qc (not far from Montreal) :

1. Engine beside cab and hydraulic, front wheel drive, leaves room for fueler platform on short chassis.

2. The cab has room for two persons.  

The trucks are operated by PLH Aviation Services, a Canadian company, based in Richmond, BC serving a baker's dozen Canadian Airports and LAX (Los Angeles International). PLH and sister company Dryden Air Services of Brampton, ON were recently swallowed up by ASIG (Aircraft Service International Group) an Orlando HQ company that is part of the giant BBA Aviation plc, of London.

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