Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big loads coming off the piers

It was a day for some big loads coming off the container piers in Halifax today. I didn't get all of them, but here are a few:

At Fairview Cove, this nice KW had a container load of casks well distributed on his long container chassis:

Closer inspection revealed that they contained radioactive material (see the signs on the sides and front of the trailer.) Operators Hittman Transport Services Inc, specialize in these loads. See: http://www.energysolutions.com/business-units/global-commercial-logistics/hittman-trucking

Also at Fairview Cove, Atlantic Tiltload tri-axle Western Star #48 had a four axle Talbert trailer at work:
Its load was an Atlas Copco H2060 minetruck. The low overhead profile indicates that this may be the last sunshine it see for a long time, since it will be working in an underground mine.

Meanwhile at the south end, Halterm container terminal, a Freightliner with multi-axle Temisko trailer was waiting until after rush hour to hit the road. The escort truck waits behind.

Transport Chainé of Grand-Mère, Qc runs this nicely fitted out set-back axle Freightliner. Chainé is a heavy and large load specialist, and has an excellent web site, well worth the visit:

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