Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big MAN in town

Also arriving by ship this work were a half dozen four axle MAN extra long straight trucks. These mighty MANs appear to be built tough, and for some special purpose.
Note the single tire rears and position of fuel tank. The second axle appears to be a steering axle only, but it's hard to tell if the front axle has drive.
You have to wonder if any Canadian manufacturer could have met the specs for this truck. There are so few commercial cab forwards now, that might have been a problem. Mack has its everlasting small tilt cab,  but none of the other majors has one these days.
That is another of those splendid Earl Paddock KWs doing the honours. Based in Stoney Creek, ON, they do a lot of hauling of military vehicles, and are almost weekly visitors to Halifax with General Dynamics LAVs for the Saudi Arabian defence force. (Another thirty or so of them went out this week.)
Sorry for the cut-off photo, but he was powering out of the pier and I caught him on the fly.

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  1. Very interesting site you have here... I have seen some companies in Canada use Mercedes Actros. But spareparts might be available through Freightliner. But 8x8 MAN - That is strange. Were will they get service? Me myself: I'm from Denmark and I'm hoping to ship my expedition camper through Halifax.