Friday, December 7, 2012

Liebherr cranes, another order for Mammoet

Mammoet, the Dutch crane operator is expanding its Canadian fleet again. They seem to have an inexhaustible demand for cranes, and four arrived last week on the ship Turandot. Yesterday they were loaded on flat cars and work on chaining them down continues today.
Three of the cranes were similar 5 axle units, likely model 1160 51., a 160 tonne capacity crane:
2. Mammoet number 2211 was the first to load, while 2212 and 2213 stand by.

3. Even with four steering axles it takes precision driving to centre on the rail cars.

4. The fourth crane is Mammoet unit number 2216, a 6 axle rig, which appears to be a 1250 6.1 model, rated at 250 tonnes.

5. 2216 gets its own matching red rail car, with a 224,000 lb capacity.

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