Saturday, September 8, 2012

Road Report - Part 2 - Simard Suspensions

My annual trips to Quebec include visits to Simard Suspensions in Baie-St-Paul. An out of the way location perhaps, but it is a bustling enterprise. Initially established to add a second steering axle to trucks, it has branched out into all kinds of additions including special chassis work for transit mixers, dump bodies and dumpsters, and compactors to name a few, air lift axles and steering axles included.
Here is a recent selection:
1. Well known for their fire apparatus, Spartan Motors of Lancing MI, has apparently branched out for this odd rig. Despite checking on it two or three times during the month, I never did get to see it completed- I assume as a transit mixer. 
2. The distinctive one man off centre cab has no room below for the engine which looks quite exposed. Perhaps a hood will be installed to keep the weather out.
3. Speaking of transit mixers this "Red Green" Mack  is ready for delivery. Simard's delivery truck is hooked on behind for the driver to get home.
4. Western Star installs steering axles in its own factory, so this one is a candidate for some other type of work, perhaps a dumspter. The extra long chassis doesn't look like it would be able to handle a dump body or a transit mixer.
5. Colourful International Paystar has received its steering axle, and is ready for the transit mix body. TRP Ready Mix of Moose Creek ON will take delivery of this unit which is already painted in company colours and has Ontairo plates. (Moose Creek is in eastern Ontario, in the area between Ottawa and Cornwall). 
6. High -rise 8x8 Mack MRU-613 was easily the most impressive truck on the lot this summer.
7. The front drives were disconnected for the delivery to Simard.
7. Mack snow plows are not that common, but I guess they are just Volvos now anyway. However it is interesting to see one without the front plow mounted.
8. Don't be distracted by the classic Bluebird school bus in the background! This low rise Peterbilt seems destined for the garbage compactor business. Note the large off side mirror mounted to the front of the cab.
9. This Freightliner has a few extra axles for some kind of important work - not sure what though! There's also a large spread between the drivers.

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