Friday, September 7, 2012

Road Report- Part 1

I was on the road in August, and saw all sorts of trucks. I will be reporting in installments.

1. This classic White GMC, tombstone rad/low rise was spotted at D├ęgelis, Qc.  
2. At the same garage, this big Pete has an air lift axle.

3. Newly painted, but as yet unlabelled Freightliner based in La Malbaie, Qc, has an interesting tow. [See a later erport on fire apparatus.]
4. The business end of the rig has some heavy gear..
5. This Ford occupies its spot during daylight hours only at Les Eboulments, QC.   I've never seen it actually move, but it goes somewhere at night! Visibility for right hand turns would be a bit tricky unless they move the ketchup and mustard. French fry wagons were once common in Quebec, but have become a rarity.  
6. A new International Lone Star at Tom Horton's in Woodstock, NB.

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