Friday, September 21, 2012

CFB Halifax Fire Apparatus

Canadian Forces Base Halifax is a large military operation in the Halifax area. It consists of three separate, large properties and several smaller installations. In at least three of these locations they have their own fire departments consisting of engines, rescues, an aerial and crash trucks.
They also have some form of mutual aid in which apparatus from one location travels through city streets to reach other locations.
I don't have photos of all their apparatus by any means, but during the past summer I have been able to see several pieces, and two retired engines.
1. The naval base, HMC Dockyard, has a full scale fire service, seen here on a practice session in July. The E-One aerial is blocked by the others, so no photo was possible.
2. This Sterling-Fort Garry rescue is based in the Dockyard. It entered service in 2012.
3. Spartan-Fort Garry engine also serves the Dockyard. I believe it was new in 2011.
4. On the other side of the harbour CFB Shearwater is an air base, with a large housing area. Another new Sterling-Fort Garry rescue is based there, along with other apparatus.
5. Also at Shearwater, a number of surplus military vehicles are in storage awaiting disposal. This Spartan-Thibault was once based at HMC Dockyard.
6. Another view of the same engine.
6. A second Spartan-Thibault is also in storage awaiting sale.

Other installations in Halifax are the Bedford Magazine, an ammuniton storage depot, which has its own fire apparatus and Windsor Park, where all military vehicles are maintained. The latter is served from HMC Dockyard.

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