Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pacific Trucks - now long gone

Pacific Truck & Trailer of Vancouver (and later North Vancouver -yes there is a difference) was formed in 1947 and produced extra heavy duty trucks for the logging industry and heavy hauling until 1991.
Founded by three former Hayes employees, it remained an independent until 1970 when it was swallowed by International Harvester. They sold it to Inchcape Berhad of Singapore in 1981, but it was closed down in 1991. Pacific developed export markets in Austrialia, New Zealand and Asia, and built trucks to special order for locations around the world including South Africa.
Famed for its logging trucks, it also built prime movers, and in the IH era some highway rigs, even using IH cabs sometimes.
Be sure to see the Pacific Truck website for more - one of my faves, on the left.
Here are a few from deep within my bottomless shoebox, taken by coincidence within a few miles of each other in Edmundston, NB:
1. This must have been among the last trucks built. It would be at home hauling wood, or in this case a low bed trailer.

2. Even though it is coming out of the regional land-fill site (meaning dump) it still looks pretty sharp. The door sign says Gallant Enterprises, "Transport de Bois" (wood transport) so it was doing a little moonlighting here.

3. The real deal, a Pacific prime mover, operated by Gulf Construction of Caraquet, NB. This is not a truck to drive down a highway, so it is taking a ride on a low bed. The door also has the ABB initials for American Brown Boveri, makers of transformers.

4. Speedway Transport, known for their bright red trucks had this one Pacific, running with an owner/operator and stakeside trailer in 1982. It looks very much like an International Harvester Transtar cab. The bug deflector says "Seventh Son". Speedway was one of the best known eastern trucking outfits, running between Saint John, NB and Montreal.

There is an interesting history of the company here:

Pacific was shoved out of the market by the likes of Kenworth/Peterbilt and Western Star, and like Hayes, another western Canadian truck, it did not survive a takeover by a major manufacturer. Where have we heard that story before? It is a sad reality.


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  1. Wow, I'd never heard of these before. Certainly very...erm, industrial looking?