Thursday, February 2, 2012

Machinery of all sorts, in and out.

This mighty Kenworth hauled in from Winnipeg with a Versatile tractor on the deck.
The truck is owned by Payne Transportation LP (No Payne, No Gain) part of the Mullen Group. Founded in 2000, Payne, by acquisition has operations in Winnipeg, Fort Saskatchewan, AB and Houston, TX. It has over 200 tractors in its operation. See
It first customer in 2000 and apparently still a customer is Versatile, makers of articulated 4WD farm tractors since the 1970s. Once part of Ford and then Fiat/New Holland they have been owned by Bühler Industries for some time. Bühler on the other hand has been 80% owned by Rostelmash of Rostov-on-Don, Russia since 2007. With 200 dealers in Russia, Rostelmash imports its tractors from Canada.
The Kenworth is a dandy, with lots of extra fittings for flat deck and long haul. The trailer also carries the outer tires for the farm tractor (which is facing away from the camera) and a certain amount of the white stuff picked up en route.

Two Shoes Specialised of Kitchener, ON had a Western Star and a Pete on the scene to take away crusher components manufactured by Tesab. See
Each rig departed separately with its own flag car.

Rondeau Towing's big Kenworth had this piece of machinery (which I did not identify) on the trailer. Rondeau does not have a web site. They are based in Lanoraie, QC, and as might be expected from the name, are tow truck operators (Remorquage Rondeau.) This truck appears to have been a wrecker chassis at one time.

This 2006 Freighliner is running for Fastrax, the special commodities division of Day & Ross. It still carries the famous "Big Orange" paint colours (and a nice scheme too) now abandoned by D&R in favour of the the plain-jane factory white. The Atlas Copco mine truck is one of several recently imported through Halifax. See


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  1. I've seen a few white Day & Ross trucks lately but thought they were just oddities. I wonder why they switched from the orange...cost cutting perhaps?