Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Canadian Kenworth heavies

Canadian Kenworth built conventional Kenworth trucks, indistinguishable from their American counterparts with some exceptions. The CKW interlocked logo (in several versions) on the rad was the usual one, but in some cases the word Canadian also appeared. They also seem to have specialized the big/heavy/offroad vehicles. Here is another sampling:
1. This CKW logo appears to be cast into the reservoir.

2. and 3. Dominion Bridge was using this vintage Canadian Kenworth in Fredericton, NB in the summer of 1979. It certainly was "très large" in the days before the international "Dimension" signage came into use.

4. Lackie Bros. of Kitchener, ON and Saint John, NB had a whole fleet of CKWs for their heavy lifting and rigging work. Another view of 9191 also shows"Canadian" over the Kenworth on the sides of the hood. It was working in Halifax in 1982.

5. From the other side, there is view of the trailer and three axle dolly.

6. In 1981 Lackies had this KW with the narrow tombstone radiator. I can't detect any Canadian references on this one.

7. Also in 1981 this prime mover has the CKW on the rad.

Sadly Lackie Bros is no longer in business and few of the operators run units this big anymore.


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