Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cars to go

Halifax's Autoport brings in foreign cars by ship then distributes them by rail and truck. There is also a large car auction business just outside Halifax and that puts more cars on trucks for wider distribution.

A tiny fraction of the thousands of new cars that are awaiting prep and delivery at Autoport, with another ship ready to unload more.

Most of the imports go out by train, but some impatient owners arrange for truck transport, particularly for high end Audis, BMWs and Mercedes.

Driver Can Transport, based in Waterloo, QC, SE of Montreal, is one of many companies providing  specialty auto transport service.

Many auto racks these days are hauled by straight trucks with  a "stinger" hitch which allows for a much lower chassis. This one can carry a small car on the lower level of the tractor.

Eastcan Trasnport Services Ltd of St.John's runs this Western Star with an extended sleeper.

 Some cars get to ride in enclosed comfort such as those carried by Boychuk Ventures Inc of  Edmonton, AB and Phoenix, AZ.

Boychuk also likes the extended sleeper on its pinstriped Kenworth. Auto transport is only one of the specialized services offered by the company.

Perhaps your vehicle doesn't warrant such careful treatment (because it may be too late!) In which case a drop deck should do the trick.

A long hood KW with painted moose bars takes a break at the Irving Big Stop at Enfield.

Akita Equipment and Autocarriers seems to do double duty from its St.John's, NL base, hauling machinery one way and backhauling vehicles.


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