Sunday, October 18, 2015

More RVs

With the fall colour season at its height, there are still lots of tourists in Nova Scotia. Many it seems are traveling in RVs. The usual array of domestic rental types don't interest me very much, so I keep a lookout for any oddities.

There are still lots of foreign RVs around - both arriving from overseas and departing for home. The adventurous Germans are still in the lead, and they seem to come up with an infinite variety of vehicles - no two alike.

 This Fiat 130 chassis/cab mini-RV would likely be very economical to operate, but require  a great deal of cooperation for use of space.

I  particulary like the iridescent leading edge of the roof and the teardrop window. I could see no maker's name on the RV body.

Although it did not start out as an RV this Ford E-350 chassis/cab mini-bus body has made the transition. Now equipped with solid panel side doors, privacy window tints and various appurtenances on the roof deck, it seems to do the job. The solar panels are backed up with a surplus pick-up truck tool box and a Volvo ski-box. It pays to be prepared!

"Bustang" is word play on "Bus" and "Mustang" - since it is a Ford after all. Oddly the State of Colorado started up its own bus service in June 2015, and calls it Bustang, with a horse logo too.

The unit carries British Columbia plates.


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