Saturday, October 10, 2015

Citroen RV

There are not many Citroens to be seen on the roads around Halifax, even among all those scores of European RVs that arrive here in the sporing and fall as they migrate between continents.

This RV appears to be based on the Citroen Relay low roof cargo van, with the German company Concorde adding a bubble on top, and of course fitting out every cc of interior space for maximum use. I am not sure I am happy with the tail pipe right under the drivers door, however I do like the Canadian and US flags in the picture window - very homey.

This Citroen, with Concorde (not the jet) body work, is part of the German organized Panamericana tour scheme, that provides guides and assistance for those who wish to "do" the Panamerican highway. The vehicles usually land in Buenos Aires, travel south around to Tierra de Fuego into Chile then northward covering 38,000 km through 16 countries in 180 days, ending in Alaska. If that is not enough the adventurers cross the continent for an east coast port. Many arrive in Halifax, which provides the shortest sea route to France, England and Germany.

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