Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bright and shinies on the waterfront

A tremendous amount of truck traffic on the waterfront these days with large project cargoes and machinery moves. Most  are oversize and require low bed trailers or drop decks and often escorts. I have not been in the right place at the right time for most of these or they have been blocked from view. My guess is that more than 30 special loads moved in or out this week.

However I did grab a few today.

Bellemare, the Quebec heavy load specialist has been front and centre with two contracts, one for project cargo and one for military vehicles (see previous post).

These three Western Stars, a Kenworth and their escort vehicle were planning their route this evening.  The escort has elaborate graphics. Note the small diameter tire tag axle.

 Bellemare's graphics sharpen up this Chev. I guess that is a clearance pole on the front .

Another bright and shiny was this big red Pete from Couture Logistics Inc. See: CLI
It is carrying one of nearly a dozen timber harvesters (and several farm tractors among other things) that moved out of Halifax this week after arriving by ship on Monday.

If you haven't heard of Ponsse before, it is a company based in Finland, but has a worldwide business. See their website:

All the trucks were not bright and shiny however. This matte finish old Freightliner set back was certainly the weirdest truck, and certainly looked the least reliable. It was carrying an over width crate on a straight deck trailer.The lettering on the truck is "R-052357-2"


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