Saturday, August 2, 2014

Superior Signage

A self-storage operation has found an eye catching sign board.  Parked alongside Highway 103 near the Northfield Road in Lunenburg County this retired pumper now serves only as a backdrop to an ad.

It is a sad decline for a very stylish piece of fire apparatus.

New in 1981 from Superior,  it was built with the racy looking Pemfab cab, a 1500 gpm pump and 600 gal booster tank.  This style of cab, from Pemberton Fabricators in New Jersey, found its way onto several Pierrevilles, built for the Halifax FD in the late 1970s but was discontinued by the mid 1980s when Pemfab replaced it with a more upright looking plain cab.  Superior used very few of these, and it is possible they came from a stock originally intended for Pierreville. This pumper was built by Superior's short-lived plant in Kingston, ON, called Superior Fire Trucks, with serial number 16. The company's headquarters and main plant, Superior Emergency Vehicles, was located in Red Deer, AB and later became a subsidiary of Emergency-One, before shutting down in 2006.

Although it appears to be plugged into the Coke machine, it was still in the fire services in December 2003.

After a number of years on the front line for Wolfville, the unit was sold to Blockhouse and District F.D. in Lunenburg County.  They retired it in 2011, and it has popped up a few miles down the road, in its present location.

It was parked outside while the fire hall was being renovated.


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