Monday, August 4, 2014

Canam Freightliner from Quebec

Canam Steel is back with another load for the new Halifax Shipyard building, with another of their COEs. This is the more modern looking Freightliner with the big chrome grille. Also likely a new glider cab and chassis kitted to an engine, drive train rears. (See recent COE post: for another of their current fleet.)

Canam has long favoured COEs:

 In September 1991 they were running this rare White/GMC COE with a load steel roof joists. It was running with this White/GMC (or is it a White - it carries both labels) conventional.

 The integral sleeper had recently been re-introduced by Volvo (White/GMC) and it was another nail in the coffin of COEs. Since it meant wide cabs, with lots of room and easy access to the sleeper - the COEs lost a selling feature.


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