Monday, August 4, 2014

Freightliner from Alberta (updated)

I caught up with this Freightliner COE refueling at Petro-Canada's card-lock in Burnside, then heading out.

Operated by Mullen Trucking LP of Aldersyde, Alberta, the truck is a long way from home.
Based on the company's excellent website:
I would say it will be pairing up with this nine axle Knight trailer at Fairview Cove.

 The trailer has been sitting at the pier since August 1, waiting for nighttime travel and the end of a long weekend. It carries Saskatchewan plates.

Whoever pulls it, it will have a TransAction escort, using this GMC with custom utility body. Note the large arrow sign on the back (folded down onto the roof).

Updated: On Tuesday morning the Mullen Freightliner made up to the trailer and aligned it for departure about noon time.


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