Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A quintet of quints

The Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency Services currently carries six quints on its roster. Ranging in age from 1990 to 2008, they seem to be well spread around the urban core. One lone unit (95-248Q) is based in Lakeside.It dates from 1995 and is not pictured here. It is a Pierce, with a 1250 gpm pump. 500 gal booster tank and 75 ft ladder.
The newest quits are also Pierce:
1. Quint 7, Pierce 08-435Q is rated 1750/500 with a 75 foot ladder. It is based at Knightsbride in Clayton Park., and is here responding on the Bedford Highway..

2. Quint 12, Pierce 07-417Q is housed at Highland Park in Dartmouth, and is seen at MVI in the Burnside.Industrial Park. It rates at 200/500/75

A pair of American LaFrance quints from 2001 are rated at 1750/416 with a 28m (92 feet) LTI ladder.

3. Quint 13 is an American LaFrance, 01-144Q  is based at King Stret in Dartmouth, it is seen here responding to a house fire in a crowded (but high end) Halifax south end neighbourhood. 

4. Quint 5 has identical specs. It is based at Bayers Road, but was called downtown to the same fire .
The only survivor of three quints from a pre-amalgamation order is designated as a spare now, but was in service today, working out of West Street. It is now the only Emergency One quint in the force. 1050/500.

5. Spare quint is an Emergency-One, 90-57Q, one of several ordered by the old Halifax F.D. before amalgamation.

6. This unit is rated at 1050 gpm, with a 500 gal booster. It was working out of West Street today.

7. I'm not sure if this is the same unit, photographed in 1992 at Bayers Road in the colours of the old HFD. These were the first quints in Halifax fire service. 


  1. the three e ones were purchased in 1990 .one was at bayers rd one out of spryfield one out of knightsridge .the spartan skyarm ran as quint 5 then knightsridge by 94 so don't know where the e one quint ran out of.the quint pictured at bayers rd was sold last year .after amalgamation it went to st 9 in sackville then knights ridge the reserve is the old quint 12 .the hydrolic blew out on 13 and sold i think.

  2. 95-248Q was moved from Station 58 to Station 41 in Waverley last summer to become Quint 41.