Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kenworths for Freightliners for Irving Oil

Irving Oil have been using Freightliners to haul their oil tankers for many years, so it was a surprise to see new Kenworths this week.
Another Irving owned company is Universal Truck and Trailer Sales, and they are Freightliner/Western Star dealers in New Brunswick, so it comes as something of a double surprise.
Irving has also gone with factory white paint in the past couple of years, so the distinctive yellow trucks are becoming quite rare.
1. Brand new KW with B-train at Irving's terminal in Dartmouth this morning.

2. A pair of new KWs in Dartmouth last weekend.

3. In September 1985 this set back axle Freightliner was ready for the road at Irving's Dartmouth terminal.4. In September 1980 a White Freightliner, with sleeper, was hauling a short unmarked Irving Oil trailer. Freightliner conventionals were first introduced under the White banner in the early 1970s.


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  1. I've been seeing those white Kenworths hauling Irving tankers for a while now around Saint John - in fact, I'm not sure I can even picture a Freightliner with one of the white tank trailers. I did, however, yesterday see an older aero Freightliner FLD in the old yellow hauling one of the yellow tank trailers with the stripes - but I didn't see an Irving logo on it anywhere.