Saturday, April 14, 2012

If I had a million dollars..... I'd buy me an A'car

My own version of the Bare Naked Ladies song "If I had a million dollars" contains a slight variation in wording. I wouldn't buy a K-car- I 'd buy an A'car. And there is one for sale. Mind you it needs some work, but it would be an impressive sight in my driveway even so.
1. Autocar - a name to reckon with.

2. For Sale- oh my, what a chance.

3. The current Truckfax truck and the A'car for comparison purposes.
This is in my mind a "true" Autocar, built with the custom driver cab. It was this cab that White Motor Co coveted enough in 1953 to acquire the previously independent Autocar. When Volvo took over in 1980 they remained true to the custom driver cab until 1987, but it was downhill from there, until they sold off the Autocar brand name and refuse truck low cab forward Xpeditor line in 2001.
The surviving Autocar LLC, now of Hagerstown, IN has carved itself a nice niche in the refuse truck line, but have expanded, adding vocational models, based on the Xpeditor, their own terminal tractor Xspotter, and now a new line of LCF lighter duty, class 7 trucks called the Xpert.

About a year ago I showed their Xpeditor, see:

4. The Xspotter shunt truck or terminal tractor has a distinctive high windshield and other pleasing attributes for the terminal operator. I don't know where this one came from, but it has recently arrived at the Cummins shop.

5. The full height rear door eases access for 6 foot drivers.

Autocar has now also signed a distributorship agreement with Cummins, so expect to see more Autocars in your neighbourhood (this seems to be a pushback on Caterpillar and their new line of trucks.) Autocar uses Cummins engines, Allison transmissions and Hendrickson suspensions exclusively.

For the "new" Autocar, which actually boasts of being the oldest continuously produced truck brand in North America, see


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