Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Preparing a crane for the road

A Liebherr wheeled excavator arrived by ship and had to be prepared for a road trip.
The crane drove off the ship and positioned itself on four jack pads. The truck trailer backed under it, and the crane then lowered its frame down onto the trailer.
A boom truck then removed the cranes wheels and other gear and loaded it onto a waiting flatbed.

1. Big Liebherr 954 wheeled excavator positioned on the low bed trailer, as a Ford boom truck removes the wheels.

2. The Liebherr's cab has already been removed, and the Talberet multi-axle trailer is bearing the unit's weight.

3. Powerful looking Volvo with drop axle, operated by Atlantic Pacific Transport Ltd of Clairville, NB.

4. One tire has already been landed on the waiting trailer, hauled by a sleek International ProStar from Filmore Trucking, also of Clairville, NB.

[Clairville, NB is north of Moncton and west of Buctouche.]


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