Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More arrivals by ship

Two more ship arrivals yesterday, a pair of campers:

1. Dalanuma is Swiss couple headed for Alaska as far as I can tell, after a test trip to Morocco. There are some technical issues with their blog, but it is here:
Their camper is built on a European Ford Transit - quite nice looking unit.

2.The impressive crew cab M.A.N. "Tembo" is presumably from Germany, but I can find no references on the web. This guy could go anywhere, and has enough spare tires to last for quite a while. His infinitely adjustable levelling system must have been a treat to set up. Hope he doesn't have to do that every night. [No it is from France -see comments below]

3. The rear overhang probably exceeds the usual four foot requirement for red flags, but would allow for some pretty steep hill climbs!



  1. The vehicle is registered in France. If you zoom in in the registration plate, you'll notice a little blue section, with a letter in it. All Europoean vehicles have this - F for France, D for Germany, GB for Great Britain etc. Also, the two "60" and "90" stickers on the rear are a legal requirement on french vehicles.

  2. Here you go, the 56 on the end of the registration number denotes the region of France that it comes from,56 being Morbihan in Bretagne.