Saturday, May 21, 2011

Herring Fleet

The herring are running in their annual migration past Nova Scotia. The seine boats catch them then come into the nearest port where they pump the fish ashore into waiting trucks. The trucks then take the fish to the fish plants in the southwestern end of the the province in the Pubnico and Saulnierville areas or even to New Brunswick.
The trucks themselves aren't much to write home about, but the trailers are moderately interesting. The tractors do double duty, hauling other loads depending on the season, such as reefer trailers, but are pressed into duty during the herring run to haul the herring.
The trailers are former milk tankers or fuel tankers. They are loaded through the top ports and "dumped" through a huge tail pipe directly into the fish plants.
1. D'Eon Fisheries Ltd of West Pubnico runs this 2000 Volvo and stainless steel tanker. The loading spout is centre over one of the top ports.

2. The tankers are unloaded by gravity through huge tail spouts, which one hopes never give way when on the highway. These all belong to Comeau's Seafoods of Saulnerville, NS.

3. Donald O'Neill Trucking Ltd of Baie Ste Anne, New Brunswick has this low rise KW with flatbed carrying fish boxes. This is the alternative method for transport instead of tankers.

4. Avery's Trucking Inc of Yarmouth, NS uses a low rise KW with a former pup fuel tanker. This well worn body may have had an insulating skin at one time.

5. A Ryder Rental Freightliner has been brought in to haul this load of boxes.

6. Herring getting transferred from boat to box. Any volunteers?


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