Saturday, June 4, 2016

Old RVs

There are still lots of old RVs around - some of them are still up to the job of making long trips.

I have no idea how old this Merc is, but judging by the condition of the rims and door bottom it has been around for a while. The loss of sheen  on the Aleman RV body is another clue. I found this one, carrying a German plate, in the Walmart parking lot - a favourite haunt for the recently arrived tourists to stock up on supplies.

Another aged unit is Lazy Daze RV. At the time this one was built Lazy Daze was located in Pomona, CA, but has since relocated to Montclair, CA. Ford chassis have always been far more common, so it is interesting to see a Chev.

Lazy Daze was founded in 1956, and sells direct from the factory only. It has no dealer network. Although it builds several standard models, a certain amount of customization is possible. Whether it lives up to the promise of the builder's plate is hard to tell.

I doubt the Smiths are still the owners, but the current proprietors are using Alberta plates, so it is still up to long trips. 


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