Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fire Apparatus - more deals - Part 2

Another recently announced fire apparatus manufacturing deal is an interesting one.

Maximétal of St-George-de-Beauce, QC, which has a major hold on Quebec apparatus sales, under its Maxi Fire line, has made an arrangement to mount its unique Maxi pumper and tanker bodies on Pierce Saber custom chassis. The new units will be branded as MaxiSabers and will carry both Pierce and Maxi badges.

On my road trip I spotted a number of Maxis in Quebec, all using Spartan chassis, with their older pumper bodies. The new pumper bodies are worth a look at Maxi's web site.

La Pocatière, QC 301 is a 2007 Maxi 1050/ 1500/ 30F pumper tanker on a Spartan MetroStar chassis.

Quebec City, Caserne (Station) 2 in Limoilou houses Engine 202, also a 2007 Maxi, 1250/ 580/ Foam Pro 2002, on a Spartan Metro Star chassis. The black, white, yellow stripes dress up the standard looking apparatus quite nicely.

Pierce is the largest fire apparatus manufacturer in the US and has had a variety of deals with Canadian manufacturers over the years, most notably with Fort Garry, but that has elapsed.
Pierce, part of the Oshkosh Corp (which produces a host of other trucks and bodies) has an established dealer network in Canada, which will also now promote Maxis.

Pierce apparatus seem to have good longevity if the number I saw on my trip are typical:

Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré, QC runs this 2007 Pierce Dash 1750/ 420/ 105' quint, which used to belong to Sandy Springs, GA of all places. Its southern background could certainly help explain its excellent condition.

As for the US Pierce units are everywhere!

One such place is Freeport, ME:


Engine 1 is a 2001 Pierce Dash Heavy Rescue 2000/ 750/ 20F

 Ladder 1 is a 1997 Pierce Arrow 105' RMA

Engine 5 is a 2009 Pierce Quantum PUC 1500/ 710/ 40A

Portland, ME Ladder 6, a 2001 Pierce 105' aerial, runs out of the Bramhall Station.


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