Thursday, November 12, 2015

Volvos and Armour

Armour Transportation Systems of Moncton, NB is one of the largest trucking companies in eastern Canada, and its bright red Volvos are one of the most common sights on our roads. The company website says they have more than 1,900 employees and 4,000 pieces of equipment.

They do run the odd other brand - you may see a Mack or an International, but by far the most common are the Volvos, and they come in several different models of day cab and sleeper depending on the service.

They are so common, that perhaps they go unnoticed, but one that I saw last week certainly caught my eye. It was a company tow truck/wrecker, which apparently works out of their Moncton service shop. It was in Halifax to drop of a tractor for Newfoundland and to pick-up one from Newfoundland, that Oceanex delivered from Halifax.

A very slick looking rig, it appears to be spec'd with a slightly longer wheelbase than most of the company's tractors.

Among the divisions in Armour is Pole Star, which also generally runs Volvos with slight differences in trim.
Pole Star is the present name of Jodrey + Pulsifer Transport, which operated in Nova Scotia for many years. Pole Star Transport Inc (Nova Scotia) still shares a home address with several other interests of the Jodrey family, under the name Scotia Investments. The founder, Roy A.Jodrey was an entrepreneur involved in many different businesses, including Minas Basin Pulp & Power, Canadian Keyes Fibre and was a director of scores of large Canadian corporations.


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  1. I saw the wrecker on the highway in Saint John this morning - what a slick looking rig!

    I was also looking through some old photos of mine recently and found a shot I took in 2010 of a big Volvo COE parked on display at their HQ. Not a Euro Volvo COE, it's clearly an American-style one, but I've never seen another like it. Not sure if it's a remnant of White/GMC/Autocar or not.