Thursday, November 26, 2015

Paddocks with a difference

Among the finest looking trucks I see from time to time are those of Paddock Transportation from Stoney Creek, ON. They are regulars here transporting military LAVs for export to Saudi Arabia. The LAVs are built by General Dynamics in London, ON and arrive in Halifax on Paddock trucks in time to load aboard Saudi ships.

Consistently painted in black and red, there is still considerable variety in the actual trucks.
Most of the trucks are Kenworths, although I have seen a Western Star, but I got a surprise this week when a Freightliner COE put in an appearance.

 A shrink wrapped LAV waiting on the pier.

 A Freightliner COE lurks behind a piar of KWs.
Impressive Freightliner is equipped with a lift axle.


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