Friday, September 11, 2015

Summer Road Trip Report - Part 1 of many

I will start with my favourite truck brand - though much changed from its heyday.

The Autocar brand was cast off by Volvo after they acquired White / GMC, and a new owner managed to resume business using the old White Xpeditor tilt cab, and specializing in vocational trucks mostly in the refuse and recycling field, but also as a concrete pumper chassis. 

I spotted this beauty at Simard Suspensions in Baie-St-Paul, QC where it was being prepped for service.


The Xpeditor cab appears to be somewhat modified from its White days - I think the quater windows may have been added, but the doors sure look familiar.

 Those familiar doors showed up on this elderly Volvo White GMC with a B-train load of peat moss waiting for the ferry at St-Siméon, QC.

Of course the dominant brand in the refuse collection / concrete pumper  COE field is still Mack, but Peterbilt is also present. Here is a recent selection, also at Simard Suspensions in Baie-St-Paul..


A pair of identical Petes were painted and ready to haul with their sleek Leach compactors. Note the left side exhaust stack.

This factory white Pete awaits its turn, but for different treatment, judging by the drop axle. Note the lack of handles to tilt the cab.

This trio of Mack's were not exactly alike. The one on the right shows a different cab step platform.

To be continued.

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