Friday, September 18, 2015

Road Trip report continued

I either didn't see or didn't photograph too may Kenworth's this summer - not sure why - they are hugely popular in Quebec.

This pair of shiny new KWs at Simard Suspensions ready to be fitted out for some heavy work. The new look fat radiator grille traces it ancestry to Kenworth's legendary tombstone rad - like this:

 Seen at a garage in La Malbaie this veteran sports the plastic fenders which purists decried when they first came out, but which have remarkably survived hard use. Perhaps that heavy bumper, complete with towing pin has something to do with it.
I have always wondered if those plastic fenders were a result of Kenworth taking over Sicard's Quebec factory. Sicard were pioneers in the use of plastic for hoods and fenders.

The north shore St.Lawrence is lined with small towns and villages and numerous wholesalers use tandem axle straight trucks to deliver the relatively small quantities of goods.

 This hardy Ryder KW tandem with reefer body works out of LĂ©vis and seems to favour the convenience stores attached to Irving Oil gas stations for its many stops.


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