Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter on its way - UPDATED

 A sure sign that winter is on its way is the presence of snow plows getting ready.
The local Parts for Trucks dealer is busy assembling plow/salt bodies on Western Stars.

Using an elderly Bullmoose* to lift the spreader bodies onto the chassis is quick work.

The finished product:

Since the Province of Nova Scotia and the Halifax Regional Municipality use the same paint colour, it is hard to tell who's rig this is until the lettering goes on, but I believe these trucks are for the Province, since Halifax appears to be concentrating on Volvos.

Update: Thanks to a reader I have learned that these trucks are headed to Newfoundland, part of a large order of 18 trucks last year and 20 this year. The giveaway is the blue LED lights, which are not used in Halifax or Nova Scotia. 

*I couldn't confirm that this is an actual Bullmoose brand lift truck, but these single axle rear steer units are usually called Bullmoose even if built by other companies.


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