Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Autocar cab

According to most sources the last Autocar with the Custom Driver Cab was built in 1987. That cab also appeared on White trucks from the early 1960s too. Autocar/White's new owner Volvo began to use the GMC cab before introducing new cabs, and discontinuing Autocar completely.
White had bought the independent Autocar marque to get into the heavy duty market, but also to get that distinctive and roomier cab. See: http://truckfax.blogspot.ca/2011/03/autocar-custom-driver-cabs.html

White sold off the Western Star line of trucks, and they continued to use the Custom Driver Cab for some years. Nevertheless it is rare to see one still on the road, but this low mileage model is still going strong. Carrying a concrete mixer body, it is used in the owner's fencing business to mix and add concrete to post holes. Note the wide spread on the rear axles.


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