Friday, June 6, 2014

Actros in Halifax

Every once in a while we are treated to a big European commercial vehicle. On Tuesday it was this handsome Mercedes Actros:

Equipped with a ballast body and knuckle boom crane it is ready for business. In this case it was a multi-axle steerable platform type trailer. Note the Nova Scotia commercial plate and escort truck, meaning that it was headed out of the port precinct and onto a public street somewhere.

Fahrenholz Industrie of Bremen, Germany works closely with Mills Heavy Hauling of Halifax and M+J Total Transport+Rigging Inc of Caledon East, ON to carry out major heavy loads all over Canada.


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  1. And it would be a V8 as well - the most predominate powerplant for a Actros heavy haulage tractor is the OM502LA 15.9L turbo intercooled V8