Friday, January 31, 2014

Volvo from Saskatoon

RSB Logistic had a pair of trucks in town this week to pick up containers from Fairview Cove. Nothing terribly distinctive about the trucks except that one was fitted with aerodynamic wheel covers.

 Several large US carriers including Schneider and England have spec'd covers for thousands of their trucks, looking for promised fuel savings of 1% to 2% or more due to reduced turbulence in the recess of the wheel hub.
There are a variety of covers on the market, some are just stainless steel or chrome wheel covers. The favoured ones seem to be the transparent type that allow inspection of lug nets and hubs.
The RSB Volvo obviously came through a variety of winter conditions to reach Halifax, and the covers are still intact.
Another type that I saw in November had a transparent "port hole" in the middle to allow for inspection.

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