Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Terberg - just visiting

Always on the look out for strange and unusual trucks, I discovered a particularly rare vehicle (at least for Canada) yesterday. The Saudi Arabian RoRo ship Bahri Tabuk made a one day call in the Port of Halifax, and I spotted a strange shunting tractor sitting on the pier. It was a Terberg, manufactured by a Dutch company, with interests all over Europe and in Asia and South America. So far however they don't seem to have much visibility in North America.

Fitted with a gooseneck for RoRo trailers, the Terberg is a stylish and sophisticated piece of machinery.
Local longshoremen were in charge of loading and unloading the ship, and were using Logistec's Ottawa tractors which may be very different to operate.  They also look pretty plain by comparison.
The Terberg was back aboard the ship when it sailed last night.

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