Thursday, November 29, 2012

Actros rolling out

Two Canadian military Mercedes Actros rolled out of Fairvew today after arriving by ship earlier in the week. The trucks did not roll on their own tires however. They were securely chained down to a pair of Mills Heavy Hauling's trailers and Western Star tractors.
First out was a short chassis, fifth wheel variant, presumably the tank transport version which was ordered to haul the Leopard tanks. Originally Canada rented tanks for use in Afghanistan and some Dutch tractors to haul the tanks until it could get its own.
Next out was the original type, this one with flat bed fitted. While I call these trucks, the military refers to them as the Actros Armoured Heavy Support Vehicle System. The system incorporates several different interchangeable functions on the long wheelbase chassis. The initial order was for 86 of these.

No matter what they are called, they are still impressive 8x8s.

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