Friday, November 30, 2012

Actros - number 3

There was a third Actors hiding in the Fairview terminal that I didn't see yesterday. It emerged today, also being hauled by a Mills Western Star.

This Actors has an enclosed/tarped box and a big knuckle boom crane on the back. It was also being transported cab facing ahead, unlike yesterday's so that the Merc star is a little more visible. At one time towing trucks facing ahead was a no-no due to unwanted intake into the air filters, but I suspect if this truck was fitted out for Afghanistan it can take just about anything.

Sorry about the light pole shadow, but you don't have much choice with a one chance rolling shot.

1 comment:

  1. This is the Heavy MRT (Mobile Repair Truck) it has a mechanics repair shop under the tarp. If you took this photo and it was heading west in 2012, it hit an over pass at one point so the crane was damaged and we could not train with it. reasons to double check the height of the tarp and the crane that is sitting just a bit higher. Love the trucks and they saved lots of lives!