Thursday, October 25, 2012

White - still going strong

1. Good for getting into tight plasces, this White Road Boss LCF had just delivered asphalt directly to spreader. 

2. Short wheelbase, and set back axle, but still a good sized dump body.

The late lamented White Motor Co has not been producing trucks for a long time. Even after the merger with GMC in 1987 and then takeover by Volvo the name lived on for a time as White/GMC, but to see a truck with the White only badge is certainly a rarity amongst working trucks these days.
The Xpeditor line was developed by White as a lower cost alternative to its more costly Autocar line (thus effectively competing with itself) and produced both conventionals and Low Cab Fowards (LCFs). The Road Boss line were also lighter weight, using a lot of fibreglass components, and also had an LCF, but it was considered to be heavy duty. The White and Autocar shared the LCF cab and were usually seen as trash compactor trucks, but the White Road Boss I saw yesterday has a dump body, and a very short wheelbase for a tandem. It was being used by Ocean Construction in a paving job, and was hauling asphalt. It did look a little out of place with Ocean's usually pristine Volvos.
The White and Autocar LCFs shared the same cab, and it was eventually sold off as the Autocar line by Volvo in 2000 and is still produced by the now independent Autocar LLC.

3. Ocean's usual shiny Volvo is a much bigger truck.

4. Asphalt can be delivered through small pocket doors or the whole tailgate, into the spreader seen in the background.

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