Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I been workin' on the railroad

There's a lot of rail work going on the Halifax area at the moment, and I spotted this new looking Sperry Rail truck checking out some new sidings:
The last Sperry Rail truck I saw looked like a bread van, but this one looks a bot more comfortable.

CN's tie replacement crew runs a long string of equipment, to dig our, replace, nail and tamp new ties. Each unit is self-propelled, and obviously they need fuel from time to time. This is the fist hi-rail fuel truck I have ever seen. As with most CN equipment is carries Manitoba license plates:
On my way through Moncton in September I spotted this Peterbilit LCF with CN logos on it:
 Built by R.P.M. Tech Inc. it is used for blowing debris, snow out of rail switches and tracks, but strangely it is not fitted with hi-rail gear. R.P.M.Tech is an interesting company-they also build the TOR trucks, see more at:

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