Friday, November 11, 2011

Swap Meet

Two big KWs hand over to to two Big W'Stars.
The two big Kenworths from Transport Watson Montreal brought a pair of crates to the Fairview Cove container pier parking lot. There they dropped the trailers for Mills Heavy Hauling's two Western Stars.
Mills then took the crates to the Halterm container pier at the south end of town (and though city traffic.)
Waiting for the Watson trucks were two travelling girder cranes, already on trailers, just in from Europe and ready to go.
A neatly done swap.
1. Watson KW #895 has stacks ahead of the sleeper (which also has a side window).

2. Watson KW #898 has stacks behind sleeper, and larger fuel tanks. The third axles appear to be removable tag axles.

3. Watson's return loads are these generously sized crane beams. They are to be accompanied by an escort vehicle on their return trip.

4. Mills W'Star has made it through Halifax traffic to the other end of town. His extra axle is ahead of the drivers and is an air lift.

5. The other Mills 'Star is also lined and ready to get clearance into the terminal. The trailers had Ontario plates.
Transport Watson's website is worth a peak:


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