Friday, November 25, 2011

Coming soon to a street near me

One of the last places on earth where the ubiquitous brown UPS trucks are never seen is the Atlantic region of Canada. The four provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia , Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland get UPS service, but it is provided under contract by Purolator (which in turn is owned by Canada Post - a competitor.)
UPS has announced that in the new year it will terminate the contract with Purolator for the three Maritime Provinces, leaving Newfoundland to carry on as is.
That will mean we will be seeing the the famous brown trucks here soon.
Because the UPS used to obliterate all reference to any maker, it was virtually impossible to tell who made the trucks. Sometimes there was a makers logo in the steering wheel, but that was about it.
Purolator of course made a big splash with their Utilimaster hybrids, which they introduced here last year. There will still be many of those on the road, but it will be interesting to see what UPS brings in.
Odd as it may seem I have never taken a photo of a UPS truck. Fortunately I was able to grab this dandy today-which I am sure is no indication of what we might seeing in 2012.
1. UPS is a proud sponsor of the Metro Food Bank Society, but this well worn GMC is likely not an example of their typical truck.

2. Purolator's Utilimaster hybrids (with their very distinctive sound) deliver UPS stuff on contract for now. Will UPS step up the plate with comparable environment savers?


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