Monday, July 18, 2011

Veteran in Miramichi

Miramichi City FD (the result of the amalgamation of Newcastle and Chatham, NB) is a large force and covers a wide area. See

Ladder 11 runs this 1985 Pierreville (number 8401) with Pemfab chassis. Pierreville (an offshoot of the Thibault family splits) was based in St-Fran├žois-du-Lac, QC, on the other side of the St-Fran├žois River from Pierreville. Pemberton Fabricators was located in New Jersey. I don't know who WesTower was, but it is their name on the 100 foot aerial device that also carried Pierreville's name. All these companies have been out of the fire truck business for many years.

The smart looking Pemfabs were once common (Halifax had several engines) but are rarely seen in front line service for major departments after all this time.

This one is serial number PFT-1317, and according to the Canadian Fire Truck Archive, was built originally for Sarasota, FL, then operated by Kitchener, ON until bought by Miramichi.


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