Monday, July 18, 2011

Fort Garry delivers two to CFB Halifax

Fort Garry Fire Trucks of Winnipeg delivered two Hazmat Command Units to Canadian Forces Base Halifax on March 20, 2011. They are numbered 4 and 12. The latter unit appears on FG's web site under recent deliveries:

Unit#4 is shown above from the drivers side, at Lockhart's today. It appears completely unused, with builders delivery plastic covers on some of the components. Delivery was no doubt timed to come in before the end of the fiscal year 2010-2011.

Built on 2008 Sterling Acterra 4x4 chassis, they are fitted with 14 foot aluminum (salt water grade) bodies, and look like they would go just about anywhere.

Since Sterling production stopped in 2010, these units were obviously from stock somewhere. There are still quantities of new/unused Sterlings around, so it may take some time before they are all on the road.

Not willing to remove the Sterling identity completely, Fort Garry nevertheless partly concealed the name on the front grill with warning lights, resulting in an "ERLI" - I wonder how long that will last before someone removes all the letters?

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