Monday, June 13, 2011

Halifax Regional Municipality Fire and Emergency Services

The name of the Halifax fire service is a mouthful, and so it should be for it covers a huge geographical area. With 56 engines, 62 tankers, 7 quints, 1 ladder, 2 platforms, 27 rescues, and 11 tactical squads it is a large operation.
As befitting a force of its size it has a website, which has recently been upgraded:
It lists all apparatus, including antiques, trailers, boats, cars, vans and photos of most and specifications.
Elsewhere on the site is information about the various fire districts and fire stations.
It is also the oldest fire service in Canada, tracing its roots to 1754.

One of the above noted 62 tankers is this Freightliner/ American LaFrance dating from 2002. It has an 1800 gallon tank, 1750 gpm Hale pump and 200 gallon foam tank.

Back in 2002 Freightliner (part of Daimler) owned American LaFrance. Those days are gone, but American LaFrance is still in business, now owned by Patriarch Partners, a Lynn Tilton company.

ALF, as it is known, also produces the Condor truck which it got from the ruins of Sterling I guess, for vocational and fire apparatus use, but also produces its own Eagle chassis for fire apparatus. The company still has some ties to Freightliner as the Condor is sold and serviced through FL dealers, and ALF builds apparatus on Freightliner commercial chassis.


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