Thursday, June 16, 2011

Export and Import takes on a new meaning

Mystery export or import?

As reported on May 1 trucks are exported an imported though Halifax:

and showed a pair of Intrernationals bound for Mersin, Turkey.

Today I spotted the same two Internationals (with numbers 1108 and 1109) in the parking lot at the Fairview Cove container terminal. Have they been hiding inside the terminal for six weeks? Did they leave and come back? Or was there some glitch which has prevented them from being exported at all - perhaps political unrest somewhere? Or settlement of payment?

I don't know and may never know. However I got some better pictures of the trucks and discovered that they were built by DynaWinch Ltd, a Canadian OEM, with a very interesting line of vehicles:

The rear mount National Cranes (a Manitowoc company) are apparently set up to lift off the van body. They may well be intended for oil field work, which DynaWinch supplies, or for utility work. The company apparently has substantial export business, according to their excellent web site, and so may be bound anywhere in the world, beyond Mersin - say Syria?

However the fact that they are outside the terminal gates, indicates to me that they may not be going anywhere unless it is back where they came from.


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  1. And here's a little update on those two trucks that I spotted in Cere's on a flat car earlier in the year. The two trucks have been reloaded onto a flat car in Burnside, where sent west out of Dartmouth on Saturday mornings CN westbound freight train. At that time they were billed for Calgary, but the signs on the side of the trucks still showed that they were billed for Turkey.