Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pair of Red Trucks

Parked very near to each other this morning in the Bayers Lake Industrial Park. Expressing perfectly the strangeness of the Bayers Lake Park - which contains industries (such as the scrap metal dealer) but also retail outlets (such as the mattress store) right across the street from each other. Weird place, but nice trucks!

1 and 2. Transition era Mack with R-model, full width cab, parked in front of the mattress store, waiting to unload its cargo of scrap metal.

3 and 4. A 1948-53 era Chevy complete with the deluxe chrome trim and quarter windows, suffers the indignity of being left outdoors as a sign board in front of the mattress store. It feels even wierder with scrap dealer behind it acrosss the street.


1 comment:

  1. the red Chevrolet with stake body is a 1947 the fuel tank is on the frame would be the clue the only year it was not in the cab.