Saturday, January 8, 2011

FWD: Part 4

I don't know what I have been waiting for, but I seemed to have stalled at Part 3 back in November. I alluded to some oddball rebuilds of Nova Scotia Department of Transportation FWDs with Ford Louisville (possibly Scot) first generation, cabs - well here are some more, and some other oddities.

1. NSDot, Middleton, June 1982. Oshkosh cabs, and on one, an FWD rad, hood and fenders. So is it a rebuilt FWD or rebuilt Oshkosh? The answer will not be found here - it will remain an eternal mystery.

2. In 2001 the department was selling off this unit at their Miller Lake garage. The cab is Walter, but the hood says FWD.
3. Doesn't matter much who made it - it looks pretty able!

4. Big one way and wing plow, with Louisville cab and FWD hood and rad, at NSDot in Truro in June 1989.
5. A similar unit, with plows off. The more typical black top on the hood.

6. A side view of this unit shows the transfer case amidships, which means an FWD chassis and running gear. The Louisville cab replaced the orginal, and the hood was modified to suit.
7. This one has a bit of a dip to the hood, but still bears the FWD name and FWD rad. All of these were taken at the Truro NSDot base in June 1989.

8. A brand new Louisville cab in a shipping crate at the Burnside NSDoT garage. NSDot operated some Fords, and some Scots from there, but no FWDs, so this may just have been a replacement.


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