Friday, December 17, 2010

King of the Hill

The legendary Pacific truck is sadly no longer produced. Once a premier logging truck manufacturer in British Columbia, it was part of International Trucks in its later years, and expanded beyond its original home base territory.

For more on Pacitfic , see the Pacific Truck Club website - go to "My Faves" to the left.

This particular model fitted with an orange peel grab for pulpwood was spotted at Tatro's in Chatham, ON in October. According to their web site it is a 1980 model with 3406B Cat engine and 20 speed transmission. VIN#T80761518. As long as it is listed for sale, there are more pictures on Tatro's web site:


  1. That is sad that in spite of being such great products they were discontinued.I feel marketing is a very important aspect of business these days.You have to make good products and also market them well.

  2. Hey, just found your photo of the truck, it is a model P510F if anybody is curious. I am just wondering if you could email me (I am the webmaster of the Pacific Truck Club), I have a few questions about the truck...