Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grove crane truck

1. This afternoon, slings have been attached to the cranes outriggers by lift boom trucks. The Grove unit is hanging over the face of the wharf with boom in the water, after tipping forward. The four wheel drive/four wheel steer mechanism is apparent.

2. On Sunday afternoon the crane truck was sitting idle next to the ferry. It was being used to lift material off and on the ferry during a refit, with outriggers in position.

Ever wonder what the underneath of a Grove crane truck looks like? I got the chance to see today after one such rig tipped over frontwards while working at Halifax Shipyard. The same unit appeared in a photo I took on Sunday, but then it was sitting on all four wheels as it is supposed to do.

According to press reports, the crane was being used this morning to lift a forklift off the ferry Holiday Island when the crane tipped forward, landing the forklift on the harbour bottom and the truck's boom partially submerged.

Fortunately the operator had only minor injuries.

Recovery operations are underway. A larger mobile crane is being assembled in the yard, but lift out may not be until after nightfall.

Grove, along with National Crane and Potain, are part of the Manitowoc crane company.

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